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I’m seeing a lot of comments around the social networks from people who seem really passionate in their hatred for Windows 8. I’ve been running it on my laptop since it launched and on my desktop (which I use for probably 12 hours a day) since last weekend, and I’m […]

Windows 8 Pro doesn’t come with Windows Media Center installed; instead it’s an add-on option. The good news is that until the end of January you can get it for free by going to this page and entering your email address. You’ll be sent a license key for “Windows 8 […]

I’ve been running Windows 8 Pro on my laptop for a week now and really digging it, so I decided to update my main system. Everything went well until I tried to install some software, when I encountered a pop-up error saying “The extended attributes are inconsistent.” Well of course […]

Friday night a contributor to gaming blog Destructoid asked some disparaging questions about Felicia Day. 24 hours later he was out of a job but has a ton more Twitter followers

Chris over at Levelcapped has started a series called The Theory of Geekdom where he’s exploring “…why geeks are the way they are, what it means for them, and what it means in their relationship with the non-geek mainstream.” All he’s got so far is an introduction, but knowing Chris […]

A couple of weeks ago I bought my first Android tablet, the Acer Iconia A500. This in spite of owning an iPad, which I love. So why a second tablet? Mostly curiosity, backed by the fact that I write a lot about Android tablets on my ITworld blog and I […]

I just was asked to take a survey about my experience with digital comics from the PlayStation Network (currently for reading on the PSP). Reading between the lines, so to speak, it sounds like Sony is judging user interest towards accessing their digital comics on other hardware besides the PSP. […]

So we switched ISP & TV providers today, going from Comcast to FIOS. Now a lot of people hate Comcast, but I don’t. Our service has been very reliable over the years. We switched to save money, and for better internet speed. We had an appointment window of 8 am […]

Today TechCrunch posted a really stupid article called Why I’m Craigslisting My iPads. It isn’t timely (we saw many similar articles in April) and the author clearly had no idea what an iPad was when he bought it. Basically he was looking for a laptop replacement, and the iPad isn’t […]

Google announced a new Font API for the web today. I found the idea intriguing. The problem is, I’m so so SO not a designer. I shouldn’t be allowed within 100 yards of a font. But the geek in me had to try it. Not every browser is supported, but […]