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A quick recap of my Thursday night adventures in No Man’s Sky. I spent most of the night continuing the base building line of ‘quests’ and of course I wound up moving my base AGAIN. LOL

A quick look at Oceanhorn, a Zelda-inspired Indie game for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It’s on-sale this week on PSN, I picked it up for less than $8.

Random musings on chainmail bikinis and whether there’s a way that developers can keep offering them without offending a large chunk of the gaming population. Also comparing and contrasting Harley from Fairy Fencer F with Cindy from Final Fantasy XV.

In this first Fairy Fencer F post I introduce the party (so far) and talk about how the story is getting a little less snarky while the combat gets a little more challenging.

Challenge for this week: trying to figure out how to balance being back at work with actively playing four different games!

This isn’t usually my thing but it was free so why not, right? I d/l Let It Die overnight and fired it up this morning. Warning, don’t watch these videos if you’re not a gore-fan. This is one heck of a gross game, but that’s kind of the point. In […]

My blog has been gathering dust for a long time. Nothing new really. Since I started writing it in 2002 it has gone through many cycles both in terms of posting frequency and in subject matter. A few years back I was fortunate enough to get a job blogging professionally. […]

This weekend Sony is having their now-annual Playstation Experience, an event for fans of the Playstation. In other words, this isn’t a press event, it’s a thing for the gaming public. I’m not at the event and I wasn’t even around to watch the keynote live stream, so I’m still […]

Some post story gameplay, messing around with Concrete powers. [Spoilers Below] You get Concrete powers in the final boss battle so if you just shut down at the “The End” screen you’ll never get to play around with them, and they’re pretty potent. Creep factor is you can only recharge […]

I pre-ordered Playstation VR (PSVR) as soon as I was able to do so. I guess that was back in June. On Sunday, just days before it shipped, I decided to cancel that pre-order. There are a lot of ‘satellite’ reasons why I canceled it: the HDR pass-through issue I […]