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Let’s get something straight right away. It’s pretty clear that Gearbox’s new game Battleborn is primarily intended to be a multiplayer game in the same vein as Blizzard’s Overwatch and Boss Key’s Lawbreakers. As a primarily single player gamer I’d normally ignore all three of these titles, but Gearbox has […]

Had a friend ask me how Dead Star is. My answer ran so long I decided to post it here. Apologies in advance for the rough post. I have to be at work in 2 minutes. Dead Star is available on PC and PS4 and there is cross-system play (which […]

No sooner had a snuggled down into the warm embrace of Black Desert Online than my friends got pumped for The Elder Scrolls Online. Well hell, I’m down with that, I love TESO! But one small fly in the ointment…they all wanted to play on Xbox One and I play […]

I promise I’m not going to write boring blog posts about Black Desert Online every day, but I did want to share some stuff I learned in case any other newbies stumble onto my blog. 1) Thanks to a friend of Stargrace I learned how to disable those annoying ‘banner’ […]

After my self-inflicted morning of pain trying to get Black Desert Online to run via streaming to the Steam Link, I finally got to play the game yesterday afternoon and evening. What a feeling of déjà vu I had! Not because BDO is similar to other games, but because my […]

Last week I ranted about how I wished I could play Black Desert Online on my TV in the living room. Then a few evenings ago I stumbled on a Reddit post about getting the game running through Steam and then using In-Home Streaming to pipe it elsewhere. And so […]

ALL my friends (OK, a few of my friends) are playing Black Desert Online, the new MMO from some company or other. I haven’t followed it much, wasn’t the least bit interested. Then they started talking about it. And I’m intrigued. I hear about how complex it is, which interests […]

Now that I am a complete and total expert at the game (that’s sarcasm, just to be perfectly clear) I decided it was time to let Massive know what they need to make their game even better. I have only one real gameplay item on my wishlist; the rest is […]

At long last, Tom Clancy’s The Division has launched and in spite of what some of the gaming blogs are saying, it was a fairly smooth launch. Let’s talk about the bad stuff first. At midnight the Ubi servers struggled a bit. Folks were getting random connection errors trying to […]

For the last few months I’ve been playing games that take place in a modern setting. First it was Watch Dogs, then it was Dying Light, with a few The Division beta tests mixed in. Last weekend I found myself craving some good old fantasy gaming. With the launch of […]