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I think I’m finally done with Shadow of Mordor. After earning the Platinum trophy for the base game, I started in on the DLC. I finished the storyline, such that it is, for the Lord of the Hunt DLC and then looked at the trophy list and just couldn’t get […]

Over the weekend I earned the Platinum Trophy for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. For PC and Xbox players, substitute “achievement” for “trophy” and know that the platinum is basically the “You’ve earned all the other trophies” trophy. It’s the same I guess as getting 1000 gamerscore out of an […]

I’m really gonna miss the combat in Shadows of Mordor. This is near the end with a maxed-out Talion. Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ – Game of the Year Edition http://ift.tt/1q9BOMv

This week Sony shared some information on their next Playstation 4 system software update, and the beta program is up and running. There’s an NDA in place so if I was in the beta program I couldn’t tell you. So far this looks like a good update. The biggest feature […]

Well we’ve made it through 1/12th of 2017. Huzzah for us I guess. This month I tried an experiment: setting up a list of gaming goals to aim for. I feel like I did pretty good: 1) Get the last achievement in Microsoft Solitaire. Did that. 100% complete. I am […]

Not just one, but two sets of game end credits rolled this weekend. Actually they both rolled on Sunday. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered, and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

One of my “gaming goals” for January was to keep up my weekly Fairy Fencer F and No Man’s Sky sessions. Thursday night was No Man’s Sky night and since last night was the last Thursday in January I’ve hit that goal. But I think I’m now done for a […]

This is what happens when you get cocky. But really I saved this because the orc that kills me is so damned creepy! Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ – Game of the Year Edition http://ift.tt/1q9BOMv

For many years I’ve been an “over-purchaser” of games. By that I mean I bought more games than I had time to play, and often pre-ordered them to boot. I’d pre-order a game months before launch and then when it finally launched I’d play it for a night and set […]

My blog posts are sounding like a skipping record now (records are what us old people used to hear music). Shadow or Mordor, then more Shadow of Mordor and also, some Shadow of Mordor. And I’m LOVING it.