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Microsoft loves reward programs. Every day I log in to earn my Microsoft Reward Points that I can use to buy random things, mostly Xbox things. I paid for my current year of Xbox Live using Microsoft Points. There’s an offshoot of MS Points called Xbox Live Rewards. Every month […]

It took me 4 months and a little over 60 hours, but I finally finished the main story of Assassin’s Creed Origins. Now before I wind up mis-representing the game, I should point out that the average time to beat the main story is 26.5 hours, according to howlongtobeat.com. I’ve […]

I never planned it, but I guess I’ve become an Ubisoft fan, just based on the games I wind up playing a lot of. In 2017 I played to completion every major Assassin’s Creed game aside from the original. I also played through Far Cry 4 and quite a bit […]

The most recent Sword Art Online game dropped on Friday. I usually buy these games when they are deeply discounted but for some reason (maybe a bunch of credit in my Xbox account) I snagged Fatal Bullet at launch. From watching gameplay trailers, it looked like the love child of […]

Once again the hive mind is in a tizzy about microtransactions, whipped into a frothing rage by gaming sites generating ad-revenue through manufactured drama. The game is Metal Gear Survive, a game the mob was pre-disposed towards hating anyway because they think Hideo Kojima was treated badly by Konami so […]

Isey pointed out to me that I’d launched into a ramble about Metal Gear Survive without ever really talking about what it was, so let’s back up a bit. MGS is a survival game presumably based in the Metal Gear universe. I’ve never played a Metal Gear game for more […]

Gotta make this quick cuz every minute I spend writing is a minute I’m not playing. I took a chance on Metal Gear Survive. Yeah, I played the beta but the beta was just the co-op stuff. I was interested in the single player game. I wanted a game like […]

I’ve been online for a LONG time. My first experiences were with Compuserve and GENie in the 1980s. On GENie I had 2 accounts and one of them was “JadedGamer.” I was pretty active in GENie’s gaming section and was an (unpaid) part of the staff of the video games […]

Kingdom Come Deliverance launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox yesterday. From everything I’ve read the launch went OK on PC and PS4. Yeah the game is buggy on all platforms but I think anyone who has been around the block a few times expected that from a game this ambitious […]

Didn’t play a lot of Monster Hunter World this weekend. Partially that was because I got it in my head that I was going to finally finish Far Cry Primal (which I did, and wound up earning the Platinum Trophy for it) but part of it is due to two […]