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Here’s an upcoming game that caught my eye: Citadels. Reminds me of the good old days and games like The Settlers. This video (which has a really ill-fitting translated voice-over!) just shows one aspect of the game. Beyond that all I know is what the PR email said: Citadels relates […]

Been a while since I added anything to the gaming watchlist, but I’m starting to look beyond World of Warcraft for gaming entertainment for the first time in ages. God of War is an upcoming (way upcoming…a 2005 release planed) PS2 game that brings kind of a new twist to […]

OK OK, last post today, I promise…sorta. Check out this Gamespy preview of Pirates!. Yup, after all these years, Sid Meier is remaking his classic game for modern systems. Will it be as good as the original? Probably not. But if its HALF as good as the original, it’ll still […]

So Sigil Games has fired up a website and announced their game, V a n g u a r d – Saga Of Heroes. Lots of bold claims, but how many times have we seen bold claims scaled back as the release date grows near. So we’ll wait and we’ll […]

This one just appeared on my radar, though its going to release this month. Its a RTS game that takes place in North Africa during WWII (you probably guessed that from the title, eh?). But it sounds like it’ll have a bit of a wargame ‘feel’ to it. No resource […]

According to the Jan. 04 issue of Play and confirmed here at IGN, Konami is porting Y’s VI: The Ark of Napishtim to the PS2 for a worldwide release (its currently out for the PC in Japanese). Old-school gamers will remember The Legend of Y’s being one of the ‘system […]

Back when Ultima Online first came out, I got absolutely lost in the game. For 6 months or so, real life all but ceased to exist for me. How I didn’t get fired from my job, or dumped by my girlfriend, I still don’t know. I was blissfully, gleefully addicted. […]

Picked up off The Screensavers… Chris Dibona, who until recently was with OSDN, has moved full time to new company Damage Studios. They’re working on a MM game called Rekonstruction. Quite an ambitious project, it takes place on Earth in the future, and they’re using satelite imaging to ensure the […]

Gamespy got the scoop on the next big MMRPG coming to us from Microsoft. Titled Mythica, it takes place in a Norse inspired world…or afterworld, perhaps. You start the game having just died, and Odin enlists you in his army of immortal heros and… oh hell, just read the lengthy […]

Got a peek at a bit of Gladius gameplay footage on this week’s G4TV.COM. Gladius is an RPG focusing on gladitorial combat in a fantasy world. Combat is turn-based, but when doing an attack, there’s a little rhythm game that seems like it determines how effective an attack you pull […]