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— December 2016 Archive —

Goodbye 2016 and hello to the impending suck-fest which will be 2017. Here’s how I plan to get through it, at least in terms of gaming, which brushes up against financial issues.

Before I started working on my space farm in No Man’s Sky, I spent WAY too long trying to make a bootable USB drive that works consistently across machines. Also more Linux noodling.

Last night I aimed for Shadow of Mordor but landed on Mantis Burn Racing, which turned out to be a lot of fun. Also spend some time crawling down the Linux rabbit-hole.

Fairy Fencer F Tuesday ended up being mostly “get new hardware set up” Tuesday, but I did get to play a little bit. Also random thoughts about the joys of sticking with games longer.

Once upon a time I tried playing Shadow of Mordor and it kicked my keister, but last night I tried it again and found it much more manageable. Same game, same gamer, so why am I finding it easier now?

I feel a little weird killing digital enemies on Christmas but apparently when the enemies are robots or zombies, it’s OK.

This week I offended some ancient technology demi-god somehow, and I paid the price. It all started Wednesday when folks were talking about LOTRO. I was wondering if my old characters still existed so I fired up Steam and installed the game. When it finished installing through Steam I fired […]

It has been a crappy week here at Dragonchasers HQ. One of those weeks where every piece of tech you touch decides to go belly up. My main PC is down, my laptop is acting weird and my Linux box suddenly started crashing. Ergo no blog posts for the last […]

Yesterday I mentioned needing a gaming palette cleanser to put between two somewhat similar open world games. I found it in Firewatch. I’m probably the last person to play this game, which is available on Steam & GoG for Mac, Windows and Linux, as well as on PS4 and Xbox […]

I didn’t accomplish much at all this past weekend. Part of the reason is that Lola was sick and we went on LOTS of walks so she could frequently answer the call of nature. Every time I sat down to do something she’d be there, sitting in front of me […]