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We got our Wii U on Tuesday night, but tonight was the first time I got a chance to sit down and play the one “real” game I got for it: ZombiU (we also got NintendoLand as a pack-in and Scribblenauts Unlimited for Angela, which I guess is a real […]

Planetside 2 is here, yay! I played the beta of this one a bit and liked it enough to know I’d be playing the released version (it’s “free to play” so that was no bold decision) so I opted to not play the beta very much so the game would […]

I didn’t pre-order a Wii U. It didn’t feel like a system I needed to have on Day 1 so I decided to wait and see how things go. But the other day I was playing the Need For Speed: Most Wanted demo, and more than once as I was […]

Most of us gamers hit YouTube when we’re scrounging for the latest trailers or what not, but now Hulu wants to get in on the action. They’ve just added a Videogames section to their service. In addition to trailers, they have content from Canada’s The Electric Playground and G4’s ExtendedPlay […]

I’m seeing a lot of comments around the social networks from people who seem really passionate in their hatred for Windows 8. I’ve been running it on my laptop since it launched and on my desktop (which I use for probably 12 hours a day) since last weekend, and I’m […]

Does Molyneux’s Curiosity remind anyone else of Ian Bogost’s Cow Clicker? I haven’t played either, mind you. I just can’t get past thinking Molyneux is somewhere laughing his head off at everyone playing his new “game” (which, as I understand it, consists of tapping on a single, shared giant cube […]

So as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been playing the Windows 8 version of Minesweeper for the past couple of days. Minesweeper is “free.” What I mean is, you don’t have to pay in dollars, you have to pay in time. Every so often you’ll have to sit […]

Last night I somehow managed to spend a couple of hours playing Minesweeper under Windows 8! I know, right? But I succumbed to the gamification of gaming! The new Minesweeper has an ‘adventure mode’ that’s kind of fun, but it also has Daily Challenges. Beat the daily challenges to earn […]

Windows 8 Pro doesn’t come with Windows Media Center installed; instead it’s an add-on option. The good news is that until the end of January you can get it for free by going to this page and entering your email address. You’ll be sent a license key for “Windows 8 […]

I’ve been running Windows 8 Pro on my laptop for a week now and really digging it, so I decided to update my main system. Everything went well until I tried to install some software, when I encountered a pop-up error saying “The extended attributes are inconsistent.” Well of course […]