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— October 2012 Archive —

So I took the plunge and installed Windows 8 on my laptop today. Windows 8 allows you to log into your device using a Microsoft Account (formerly called a Windows Live Account). I had one I created back when outlook.com opened up, so I logged in. Everything was going great. […]

So a lot of ink has been spilled recently (how long until kids have no idea what that means?) over declining revenues in the gaming industry. I’m not an insider so I don’t know if this is all alarmist press or a real problem, but I do see a lot […]

I’ve come to accept and even embrace my gamer ADD. I used to feel guilty about jumping from title to title but y’know, games are for fun. I don’t join guilds so I’m not letting anyone down by skipping out to some other game, so if I’m happy, that’s kind […]

I finally got around to booting up XCOM tonight. I decided to give it a try on the living room TV to see how it worked. Turns out it works great. I bought it via Steam and used Steam’s new “Big Picture” mode to launch the game. Unfortunately Steam can’t […]

Yesterday Bronte posted a comment asking whether I’d disappeared. It was in the context of my Mistobox post but it caused me to become aware of how infrequently I’ve been posting here recently. Now I take breaks from time to time but usually those breaks coincide with a break in […]

My very first Mistobox arrived today. What’s a Mistobox? It’s basically a gourmet coffee service. Every month they send you samples of four different artisan coffees from around the world. What’s an artisan coffee? Hell if I know; I’m just starting on the long journey of coffee snobbery. I just […]