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This is one of those “Git offa my lawn!” old codger posts. Be warned! We’re moving soon. And so this weekend I was packing things, which meant digging through the closet. And in doing so I found a cache of old PC games. At some point I’d taken them out […]

So this is WAY off-topic, but I’m writing this post as a public service. A colonoscopy, if you don’t know, is a procedure where a doctor takes a look at the insides of your colon to check for cancer and other problems. The doctor does this by, well, sticking a […]

In case you’ve missed the news, Colorado’s Waldo Canyon has been ravaged by fire recently. According to this Denver Post article, over $110 million worth of homes have been lost. The count is somewhere around 347 homes. That’s a lot of families suddenly in need. In order to raise funds […]

Friday night a contributor to gaming blog Destructoid asked some disparaging questions about Felicia Day. 24 hours later he was out of a job but has a ton more Twitter followers