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Well after talking to some of my friends on G+ who are just over-the-moon in love with GW2, I decided to take things a little farther today. Once again, my experience was a mixed bag. The good news is that most of the stuff that frustrated me was bug-related and […]

Well, the servers are coming down for a patch so that’s my cue to write up a blog post. I started late and only got to level 4. Keeping that in mind, here’s my list of pros and cons so far. Let’s start with the bad stuff. Cons: The game […]

This is going to be the shortest TGIF wrap-up yet! Purchases This Week Not a thing! Played This Week A few minutes of the Dragon’s Dogma and The Walking Dead demos on the PS3 Lots of Tera while the open beta was up and running. No gaming at all Tues-Thurs. […]

I’ve been having a hard time getting excited for the Wii U, Nintendo’s next home console. Partly because I’ve just never been a huge Nintendo fan. Partly because I found the Wii to be a disappointment (but see prior point). And partly because that of that big tablet controller. I’m […]

[Update: See the comments. An Anonymous commentor says that in beta you could roll characters on multiple servers and that ArenaNet’s blog post is just poorly worded. If that’s the case, it invalidates this whole rant. I guess we’ll see on Friday.] So the social networks are abuzz with the […]

A couple weeks ago I posted about Gravitaz, a Kickstarter project from Glass Bottom Games. Gravitaz is a futuristic combat racer for PC/Mac/Linux. Today Glass Bottom Games and Logitech announced a new promotion. If you pledge at the new $65 level you’ll get not only a copy of Gravitz but […]

Imagine my surprise when the Tera open beta was still running this evening! Sweeeettt!!! I jumped in and took Bart to level 23. I’ve been learning about Enchanting since my last post. Some gear can be Enchanted (it’s indicated on the tool tip) and here’s how you do it. First […]

One of the more charged terms in the lexicon of gamers is GRINDING. MMO players almost universally hate grinding, though there’s a certain breed of single-player RPG gamer that enjoys it. But what exactly IS grinding? I think it means different things to different people and I think that leads […]

I kind of wanted to get to level 20 before I wrote this post but alas, it was not to be. Since my last post I took Bart from level 15 to level 19. So what did I learn? Biggest thing: skill chains. Turns out you have to set these […]

Between Friday night and a couple hour session after the dog got me up early for her walk this morning, I’ve taken Bart The Slayer from level 8 to level 15. In the course of this, I’ve left The Island of Dawn (the starter area which takes you level 1-12 […]