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— March 21st, 2012 Archive —

Sony just put up a new Starhawk post on the Playstation Blog that talks about the ways of playing Starhawk with other people. The game had a split-screen option that lets each player log into his or her Playstation account: Dual Log-In: Yes, two players can sign into on one […]

I finished Journey last night. It sounds kind of funny to say that, as if it were some kind of accomplishment when it really isn’t. Journey is a very short, very easy game. I think my playthrough was about 3 hours. Certainly not more than 4, and I finished the […]

This wasn’t uploaded by SyFy so we’ll see how long it lasts. The remade BSG was a big hit for SyFy but the more cerebral spin-off Caprica tanked. So the SyFy brain-trusts went back to blowing shit up for this new series. I believe it tells the story of Bill […]