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— March 2012 Archive —

I’m a supporter of inXile Entertainment’s Kickstarter fund to get Wasteland 2 made. I remember Interplay when Brian Fargo was running the show. I remember playing games like The Bard’s Tale and Stonekeep and yes, Wasteland. I contributed $75 — more than I’d pay for a finished game — because […]

It was a pretty quiet gaming week, all around, but here’s my wrap-up. Purchases This Week Steam had a Dungeon Siege bundle on sale for about $10 in the middle of the week. i’d wanted a digital copy of Dungeon Siege and for some reason it isn’t available as a […]

Last night I was checking out what looks to be an interesting new indie game: Lone Survivor. It’s a post-apocalyptic tale told in a retro 8-bitty style. You can play a demo on Kongregate to get a feel for it. This isn’t really a post about Lone Survivor (though I […]

The Mozilla folks, of all people, have launched a simple little multiplayer ‘RPG’ (mostly you fight and get better gear…no stats or levels or anything) called BrowserQuest. Bookmark it for one of those times when you’re sitting in front of your computer bored and want something to occupy your time […]

Atlus sent out a marketing email announcing new price cuts on a bunch of their PSP games. These are all on PSN and (I’m taking Atlus’s word on this part) they’re all Vita-compatible. Title Reduced Price  Old Price Persona $19.99 $39.99 Persona 2:Innocent Sin $29.99 $39.99 Persona 3 Portable $19.99 […]

Sure, Anarchy Online had an awful launch, but that was over a decade ago. Let it go, people! Once they finally got things working right, it was a pretty awesome (if quite complex, at least by today’s standards) MMO. And now they’re going to retrofit it with a new engine. […]

On Friday I posted a video from GOG.com and suggested it was the first in a series leading up to some big reveal today. Well I either mis-understood or just missed the videos, because here it is, Tuesday, and I haven’t posted another one. Sorry! So what’s the big reveal? […]

On Friday I watched a video about how Bioware anticipated SW:TOR’s Legacy System to work and it got me sort of intrigued. I love alts and a game that really acknowledged alts…well that caught my interest. My “main” still hadn’t unlocked the Legacy system though. I knew I was relatively […]

Back when I was a kid, in addition to walking to school barefoot, uphill and in snow, BOTH WAYS, I also had the responsibility for keeping the Galaxy safe from the Kilrathi menace in my Rapier II. Now you can relive those halcyon days of Wing Commander via The Wing […]

Brian Fargo is at it again, making us smile as we cheerfully hand-over a bit of cash to help him make a game we’re looking forward to. I’m proud to support Wasteland 2 via Kickstarter, (that sounds corny but I’m totally serious) and I’m really impressed by Fargo’s new KickingItForward […]