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— April 2011 Archive —

In October of 2006 I went out and picked up a copy of the now defunct Massive magazine (a short-lived publication from my one-time colleagues at Computer Games Magazine, nee Strategy Plus). Why? Because it had a code to get into the Gods & Heroes beta. G&H was an in-development […]

Last night was my 3rd evening in Wurm Online. I once again had fun. Before I went back to my wandering I took some time to work on skills. I chopped down a tree, then chopped the tree into logs, and then whittled the logs into shafts and staves. Then […]

This week I’ve been devouring Moxie’s Wurm Online posts over at BattlePriestess.com. I just had to try it again. The first time I started Wurm Online I spawned into a mysterious world and as I was looking at settings to figure out what key did what, some dude ran up […]

I finished Portal 2 today. No spoilers, I promise. A lot of people have griped about the single player campaign being too short. I think, if anything, it was too long. I’m considering length of the campaign in a vacuum here, without regard to the $60 price tag. My determination […]

So I have my own gripe about the World Event. Trion has always prided themselves about their communication with their customers, and I think they’re doing great with content, but I think they’re stumbling when it comes to delivery. So we had two weeks of Phase 1 of this world […]

Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter: Alliance hit the Playstation Store on Tuesday. It was exactly the kind of game I needed. I’ve been really itching for an action-RPG dungeon crawler and although a bunch are headed our way (Daggerdale, LOTR: War in the North, Hunted: The Demon’s Forge and Dungeon Siege III, […]

So yeah, The 3rd Birthday is already starting to gather dust. Why? It isn’t you, Aya. It’s me. I’ve discovered something about myself; I don’t want game developers challenging me. Now wait! Hear me out. I don’t want them challenging me…I want them to give me ways to challenge myself. […]

I loved Parasite Eve when I played it way back in the days of the ancients. I don’t really remember why: when it comes to old games I generally remember emotions and feelings better than I remember specifics of story or gameplay. I remember the ‘tone’ of Parasite Eve being […]

When Patch 1.1 went live, my Rogue got all his soul points refunded. Ugh. My Warrior did as well. I love that Trion makes a point of letting us rebuild when they make significant changes to a soul, but I’d like it even more if they gave us a chance […]