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So I’ve been pretty busy lately and not having a lot of time to do the things I enjoy. During this time I’ve been skimming Twitter and, without really digging in to what’s going on, my casual glances seem to be picking up on a theme of some discontent coming […]

It’s Developer Appreciation Week! If you don’t know what that is, read up about it on ScaryBooster’s blog (he invented it, after all!) I like to think I always appreciate developers but maybe that’s just in my own head. I certainly do my fair share of bitching about games. Back […]

As mentioned on Twitter, going to PAX East has dampened my enthusiasm for MMOs a bit. Or more accurately, it has enhanced my enthusiasm for other games; I saw so many non-MMOs that I’m interested in playing that it makes dedicating myself to an MMO seem constricting. Since PAX East […]

Saw this post on RiftJunkies: RIFT Junkies NOT The Source of Account Hacks Despite the odd title (I guess people were accusing them?) they link to a thread in the official forums where someone claimed they’d found an exploit with the login system of Rift that let him log into […]

Disclaimer: I am not a security expert. I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about folks getting their Rift accounts hacked. Most often the #1 question is “How did this happen?” People go crazy examining their systems for key loggers or other malware that might be delivering their credentials to […]

A few weeks ago Sony introduced Music Unlimited and gave PSN members a free month of the service (Music Unlimited appears on the XMB of the PS3, as well as on the web). A week or so later, Rdio & Roku announced a partnership that put a Rdio channel on […]

I thought for sure someone was going to run with this but I haven’t seen anything yet so wanted to throw this out there. Note: I’m using the common phrase “Free to Play” but we all know these games aren’t really free. Non-subscription based is more accurate but less catchy. […]

I’m kicking myself right now. I walked past a demo station for Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet about 10 times during PAX East and never stopped to check it out. Now I see this video…10 minutes of gameplay, and I really wish I’d paid more attention!

This post includes spoilers for the new V series, in particular the episode that aired on March 8th in the US. So in-between walks around the PAX show floor this weekend, and into yesterday evening, I’ve been watching the situation going on with Japan’s nuclear plants in the wake of […]

Ah PAX 2011, I hardly knew ye and now you are gone… so sad. We had a pretty short PAX day today, to be honest. The only panel we were really interested in was at 3 PM, but we had to be back home in time to pick up Lola […]