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As you know, I prefer playing Guardians in Rift. Mostly it’s because of the first zone, and a little bit because of character models, but I do read the lore. Quest text, but also all the flavor-lore that is sprinkled throughout the game. Most people I know on Twitter have […]

Well headstart weekend has come and gone. One final evening of play before the masses descend on our poor, overtaxed servers. I’ve had a real love/hate relationship with Rift during the head start. I had planned to play on Faeblight with a group of very good friends I played Ultima […]

I’m probably late to the party on this, but considering how many characters I’ve started, and the fact that we can have several roles per character, I find it can be challenging to remember the nuances of each combination of skills that my characters have. Then I was looking through […]

Update: Trion has put together a great Server Status Page that can help you find a shard with some room. I went to the Rift forums. It’s a dark, frightening place full of frustration over server queues. But I did get a list of servers added since launch that I […]

I have breaking news! Rift’s Headstart Program began yesterday. *crickets* What? You mean you’ve already heard this?? 🙂 I didn’t have such a good day yesterday so wasn’t able to sit down for gaming until around 10 PM local (Eastern) time. I’d been keeping an eye on Twitter all day […]

So Rift is nearly upon us, and fans of the game are making plans on what servers and faction combo to go with in order to meet up with friends and enemies. Servers are servers…boring! But what faction to pick is a decision I find pretty interesting. I’ll play both […]

PAX East is almost here and strangers from around the globe are looking for ways to meet up face to face. If you’re a morning person, Sypster is arranging a Blogger’s Breakfast. If you’re more into the evening bar scene, Scopique, Adarel and I are trying to pull together a […]

I’m sure that if you care, you’ve already heard, but just in case…the Head Start Server List has been posted. Mostly it looks the same as the beta list did. Well, at least for the server types that I pay attention to. Here it is: http://forums.riftgame.com/showthread.php?79032-Official-Rift-Server-List And in case you’re […]

In the middle of last month I announced that I was taking a breather from MMOs. I had a pretty nice break, playing The Witcher, reading more than I usually do, screwing around with fun games like Battleheart on my iPad. But I’m ready to jump back in and live […]

This is a pretty personal post, so y’know, feel free to skip it. It isn’t anything to do with gaming but sometimes it just kind of helps me to throw things out into the ether… I tell ya, I don’t want to get old(er). My mom (82) went to the […]