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So on Thursday morning, the 3rd day of beta 3, I dejectedly ran the Rift Patcher that I’d spent the previous two days pulling my hair out over. And /facepalm it worked. I hadn’t changed anything since the previous day, but miracles do happen I guess. Of course then I […]

This will be a redundant post for my Twitter friends. Sorry for the rehash. But to other regular readers, you know how excited I’ve been for Rift and might be wondering why I’m not posting about Beta 3. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to participate in Beta 3 due to an […]

Well I’m sitting here at work, about to start a 10-day break and not really feeling the urge to dive into a new project, so I figured I’d write this post a wee bit early. I don’t really ‘do’ Christmas very much. At least not the modern version full of […]

OK so I’m home now and can share some odds and ends I captured during Beta 2. First a short video of me watching a Fae Invasion. Too many to take on alone and there’s only one other person nearby, so we’re waiting for more firepower. Mostly I was messing […]

That roar you heard today was the news spreading that the Rift NDA has dropped. THANK GOODNESS! I’ve been dying to talk about this game… I was lucky enough to snag a VIP Beta Pass from Massively, so was able to get into both the recent beta events. In both […]

It’s been a tough week here at Chez Dragonchasers. I was sick as heck, then Angela got it, then the puppy needed to go get spayed and came home hurting something awful (requiring lots of cuddling on the couch). So not a lot of gaming has been done, but when […]

So it turns out if you marinate Worgen flank steak over night, then slow cook it over moist heat, it can be very tasty! OK so this is why I’m not a stand-up comic. I got a late start last night and it was closing in on 10 pm before […]

I got into the DC Universe Online beta in mid-November. I must confess I haven’t spent a ton of time with it, what with all the other goings on in the gaming universe. But what I have played I’ve enjoyed. It’s a great “I have 10 minutes free, what can […]

One of the many details that came out of the discussion of the New WoW New Player Experience is that travel has been greatly reduced. There’re more flight paths and lots of NPC’s offer you a temporary mount to get from quest hub to questing grounds. I think we can […]

OK so as threatened in the comments of my last post, I figured it was time to dedicate a post to what I like about the new WoW experience. Some readers seem unable to get past the concept that I can like a product while still criticizing some aspects of […]