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I went to log into LOTRO yesterday to see the new changes in the latest patch. I was able to log in to the launcher but my account was listed as BANNED. Dammit! After talking to friends, I learned that my characters, all of them, were last seen online on […]

Good news! Last night I made the final tweaks to my time machine and traveled 5 years into the future where I got a chance to watch you play the next WoW Expansion: WoW: Epic Thrills! I wanted to report back on how Blizzard will do a great job of […]

So as I mentioned in my last post, I started a new character yesterday. He’s now level 15 or 16 and holy smokes, World of Warcraft is holding my hand to the point where I’m feeling molested. Now to be fair, level 15 or 16 is maybe 5-6 hours of […]

Someday I should count how many blog posts I have that are titled “Back to WoW.” But here I go again! But c’mon, how could I resist? My history of WoW is long and at times intimate. I have a friend who works at Blizzard who got me into the […]

I’d been watching the enthusiastic Perpetuum tweets and blog postings of some of my Twitter friends with interest when what should arrive in my in-box but a code to give the game a try. Thanks to Perpetuum’s PR team for this opportunity to test their game for free. In Perpetuum […]

So a new post at the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone says that Square-Enix is giving subscribers to the game another 30 days of free trial. However I haven’t seen this mentioned at any of the gaming blogs, and in particular Massively has been mum on the topic, which has me […]

I originally wrote this for my blog over at ITWorld, but then decided it was a bit too ranty for a pro blog, and anyway it isn’t really my ‘beat’ over there. So I decided to post it here (in its raw, first draft form). Very very off-topic but hey, […]

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts on my “Age & Blogging” post. I’m going to keep that topic here but I’ve kind of paralyzed myself now… so many people chimed in that I feel like I have to come out with a strong post to […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about age and mortality lately, and the shifts that have happened in my perceptions of the world as I start to see the first glimmerings of the light at the end of the tunnel that is my life. Seriously…I look at all the unread books […]

Since bringing Lola the Puppy home, I’ve found it tough to find time for gaming. I feel like every time I sit down to relax she’s getting into something or needs to go out or is just being so cute that I have to get down on the floor and […]