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Never fear, this’ll probably be my last ‘daily’ puppy post. Tomorrow I’m back at work and we need to settle into a routine. I’m still working on that balance thing… I haven’t found time to touch a game all weekend. The horror! Anyway, last night was a good night. Lola […]

So here we are in the evening of our first full day of puppy ownership. I have the tiniest inkling of what parents must go through when they bring home their first newborn, I think. At least in terms of sleep deprivation! LOL Bedtime last night wasn’t really awful. We […]

Well like any proud new pet owner I’m going to bore you with puppy posts. I’ll be sure to put (puppy post) in the titles so you can easily skip them if you aren’t interested. So Lola came home with us tonight. Aside from some concerns with my aging car […]

[Update: I realized this morning that I didn’t make clear that I’m talking about coverage in places other than gaming news sites. Clearly this *is* major news within the gaming industry, but I was referring to sites that don’t cover games as a primary focus, yet they were still covering […]

I’m a pretty loud advocate of e-books, as my twitter friends know. I often find myself advocating for e-books as a platform. But even I hadn’t realized out whole-heartedly I’d embraced digital content until last weekend. Angela and I had taken a few days of to tackle The Closet… our […]

One of the fun (for me anyway) things about getting in at the start of an MMO with a player-based economy is watching the economy advance. For the first week or so of FF XIV everyone was wearing their starter gear (which can serve you well for quite some time). […]

Well, yesterday I took the plunge and used PayPal to buy 2000 Crysta to pay for my FF XIV account with. For those playing along at home, that’s $20 worth. It still bugs me that if I cancel after that month I’ll have left-over credit, but it doesn’t bug me […]

I’ve been talking about a puppy scam email on twitter… but 140 characters just wasn’t enough. We responded to an ad in the local online classifieds, someone saying they had English Bulldog puppies looking for a home. Here’s the response we got, with a bunch of *adorable* puppy pics attached. […]

There’s a Beatles reference that’ll fly over most of your heads, but anyway… So all my armor and clothing are “broken” but I’m too damned stubborn to go to an NPC for repairs! I’ve stripped down as far as I’m comfortable doing, but in terms of actual protection I’m totally […]