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[At the time of this writing, GodFinger for iPhone/iPod Touch is available in some places but not others. You can find out if it’s available at your app store here.] GodFinger is an odd mash-up of casual game, Populous and a splash of social gaming. The idea here is that […]

This is another one of those “How’d I miss this?” posts. Small Worlds is a flash game described by designer David Shute as “A short atmospheric game about exploring.” You may have already played it; if so, why didn’t you tell me about it!? It takes a few minutes to […]

Warning: This is very much a preliminary post, based on my current understanding of Facebook’s new “LIKE” buttons. But since the feature is live now, I feel like I need to warn people about the ‘potential’ issues sooner rather than later. So without further ado. We used to see Share […]

This is just a test. Please Like this so we can all see how it works! [TEST REMOVED] Be careful with those Facebook “LIKE” buttons. I’ll post more on this later.

So I’ve been playing We Rule on the iPad (also for iPhone/iPod Touch) for a little while now. It’s definitely one of those social games that draw so much ire, but as I’ve said previously I don’t find these games nearly as annoying when they’re not spamming me and my […]

It was March 7th when I posted that I’d started playing EVE Online. Today I finished the tutorials. 🙂 Y’know you’re not finding much gaming time when every time Raptr announces that you’re playing a title someone welcomes you to the game. After so long of sneaking in a few […]

“Gather your friends and enter the ever expanding massively-multiplayer RPG world of fantasy, mystery and magic.” Sounds good, right? That’s part of the description of Aurora Feint 3 (for the iPad) on the iTunes store. I couldn’t download it fast enough; that description was right up my ally. And, it […]

In the past I’ve been very critical of Social Games. I don’t like them because they’re spammy. I don’t like them because they’re hardly games. And I don’t like them because they’re scammy. But recently I’ve been coming around. It turns out the truth is more that I don’t like […]

My work weeks are hectic these days, so even though I bought my iPad last Monday, I never got to put my feet up and spend an hour or two just *using* it until Friday night. But all weekend I’ve been using it a lot. I’ve now identified my likes […]

First I have to say, most of this post (I assume) applies to the iPhone and iPod Touch as well as the iPad. So today I had my first lover’s spat with the iPad. It was my fault, really. I keep falling into the trap of thinking of it like […]