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I just finished my first play-through of Heavy Rain and wanted to capture some thoughts while they were still fresh in my mind. My inner cynic really wants to tear the game apart. The controls are clunky in that survival-horror kind of way (not that the game is survival horror, […]

I’m going to talk about SOE’s Sentinel’s Fate expansion for EQ2, but what I’m saying applies to pretty much every ‘boxed’ expansion (even if that box is virtual) for MMOs. Try to keep that in mind. Yesterday I went to Best Buy and bought Sentinel’s Fate. It was kind of […]

Free to play MMOs are a dime a dozen these days, so I’m not sure why Allods Online seems to have caught the attention of the group of bloggers and twitter people I fraternize with. Maybe it was the disgustingly cute “Gibberling” race that first drew their eye? Gibberlings are […]

If you’re using Google Buzz, you might want to link your blog to your Buzz account; doing so will let you automatically share new blog posts over at Buzz. For some people this will be almost automatic; just click on “Connected Sites” and your blog will be there. But for […]

Here’s a neat story (or I thought so, at least). Jason from Perfect World Entertainment sent out a PR email about a mount design contest they held for Ether Saga Online. A player who goes by “Monaka” won with her design for a “Dark Nocturne,” aka My Little Pony from […]