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Werit isn’t the only one who got a Droid this week. I did too. I’d been coasting on a pre-pay cell plan using a Razr (which I *hated*) for about a year. Hated the phone, but loved spending only $15/month on it. But I felt the siren-call of smartphones, and […]

Gah! I hate the weekend before an MMO expansion releases! In just a few short days I’ll be able to experience all kinds of new content and game system changes, so I get totally pumped to play the game (LOTRO in this case, and the expansion is Siege of Mirkwood). […]

Over the weekend I went through the two current DLC packs for Dragon Age: Origins. I didn’t really plan it, it just happened that I liberated the Warden’s Keep on Saturday and got Shale into my party on Sunday. It got me thinking about the cost of DLC. The Stone […]

Giant Bomb‘s Brad Shoemaker stands around in a basement talking to Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer about Torchlight and plans for the Torchlight MMO. [SOURCE]

I realize I kind of skimmed over the whole skirmish trait system in my last post. Here’s more detail. You’ll talk to a Skirmish Captain to organize your traits. Here’s an empty trait panel — it’ll feel pretty familiar to any LOTRO player: And here’s my “full” panel, tricked out […]

After all the problems that players ran into last Tuesday during the Siege of Mirkwood Preview/Stress Test, Turbine decided to open Bullroarer (the test server) to all players again this weekend. I jumped on tonight and sure enough, Skirmishes were working like a charm. I wasted no time in going […]

So it seems someone else may have survived the Battle of Ostagar, but this person was captured by the Darkspawn (rare, but it does happen. Bregan was captured, after all). Now this individual has escaped and he or she is looking for help from the Grey Wardens. Yeah, that’s pretty […]

I didn’t do anything to prepare for the Siege of Mirkwood preview event that was held tonight, and it kind of bit me on the arse. My intention was to get in there and check out Skirmishes, but first I had to d/l the test client, then I had to […]

A busy weekend kept me from playing as much Dragon Age as I suspected I would, and it came after me not touching the game in any significant way in the last few days of last week (due to other commitments, not lack of desire). Tonight I finished one… ‘chunk’ […]

So I’m about 16 hours into my current game, with enough in other characters that I can probably safely say I’ve put 20 hours into Dragon Age: Origins so far. I’m growing ever more sure that this is my personal Game of The Year, which frankly surprises me given how […]