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Syp at Bio Break did a post today declaring Torchlight to be a carbon copy of Fate, and he has a list of bullet points to prove it. And looking at his list, I can’t disagree with a single point. In some cases I’m taking Syp’s word on the fact […]

Tonight I have another batch of Dragon Age: Origins screens, compliments of our friends at Bioware. There’s a mix of shots with and without hud elements. A few new baddies in here. I have to be honest, I’m kind of tired of looking at screens and videos and am very […]

Y’know if more ads looked this good, I’d be a lot more likely to pay attention to them! It’s all cgi and some of it we’ve seen before, but damn, does it look good. I love the “Not every hero is pure” tag line, too, referring to the taint that […]

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. If you didn’t like Diablo, or in general don’t like the “click on a baddie until it dies” style of action RPG (if you didn’t play Diablo, maybe you played Titan Quest or even Fate?) then you won’t like Torchlight. […]

If you want to catch some of the streaming footage of this big Dragon Age: Origin’s competition starting tomorrow, I now have a link for you: www.wardensquest.com The fun starts at 10 am GMT tomorrow.

Remember all those blog posts about grouping vs soloing and how those of us who soloed in MMOs should “go play a single player game”? Well, I finally did that. Not by choice, but due to a lingering injury that made playing PC games painful. And at first it really […]

We’ve only got a few more hours to wait to get our greedy paws on Torchlight, but here’s one more way to pass the time. VentureBeat did a nice write-up of the company and the game that’s well worth a read.

I know I’m not the only one excited about the launch of Runic Games’ Torchlight tomorrow. This Diablo-like has a quality pedigree with a team that includes designers from the original Diablo, and then the very fun Mythos that fell when Flagship Studios imploded. A $20 price tag doesn’t hurt […]

For the past few weeks Monday has been Dragon Age Trailer day here at Dragonchasers, thanks to the good people at Bioware and their finely tuned hype machine. This week we have a quick intro to the toolset — what you can accomplish with it, which is apparently a lot. […]

Regular readers may remember my enthusiasm surrounding the first Dragon Age novel, The Stolen Throne, by David Gaider. I found it to be an entertaining stand-alone fantasy novel and its tie to a video game irrelevant. So it was with great anticipation that I picked up Gaider’s second DA novel, […]