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Someone on Twitter was asking me how Cryptic handles all the skills with a gamepad. See the X, Y & B indicators on the first 3 skills? Those are the ‘unmodified’ bindings. If you hold down a modifier like one of the triggers, those little indicators move to show which […]

In lieu of blogging, I’ve been having some fun writing up silly little ‘origin stories’ for my Champions Online characters. But since these are ‘Pages’ and not ‘Posts’ they aren’t going out on the RSS feed. I’ve linked to them in Twitter but figured if I did a WordPress ‘post’ […]

All my fishing gear is packed and it’s almost dawn. Time to head out to the fishing hole, but I couldn’t resist one last post to tie up a few loose ends. First of all, the response to my last post has been personally overwhelming to me. So many supportive […]

I’m sick of being sequentially disappointed by MMO companies. From Funcom’s “Surprise, there’s no content past 20!” to Warhammer’s broken RvR and feeble PvE to Aion’s bizarre beta system and now to Cryptic’s “Did we say Sept 1? We mean until we decide to arbitrarily pull the plug.” to the […]

So yeah, I’m not yet able to let this go. Since last night my irritation with the whole situation continues to grow. However I feel myself become less irritated with Cryptic, and more and more irritated with the blogging and forum-using community. Here is the situation: I spent $5 for […]

Early on, I scoffed at the idea of Cryptic offering a couple of special subscription offers (a Discounted 6 month sub, and a Lifetime sub) before the game released. All their marketing material said these were limited time offers that ended on Sept. 1st. I scoffed, but I kept playing […]

As a confirmed soloer, I get subjected to a certain amount of bs from the grouping contingent. One of the most frequent quips these people fling at me is “If you’re going to solo, go play a single player game.” Now no amount to logical explanation has been able to […]

After the Matrix Online crashed for the last time, some bloggers talked a bit about the death of an MMO, and what it means to the players. What about worlds that don’t die, but undergo radical changes? I haven’t lived through one of these, to be honest, so all I’m […]

Poor Maynard. Born horribly deformed. His left hand has only two fingers, his left foot, two thick toes. A fleshy fin sprouts from his upper back and below that, a writhing tail with a arrowhead tip. And what’s under that mask? You don’t want to know. His mother arrived on […]

I have to correct two errors tonight. The first one is mine. I said you could unlearn all your skills and powers at any point. Apparently that is not correct; I just never got high enough to where I had more than you’re able to unlearn. So sadly, at some […]