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Sidhe’s Shatter came to the Playstation Network yesterday, at a very reasonable price of $7.99. I wasted no time grabbing a copy. At its most basic, Shatter is a Breakout clone: you move a paddle back and forth in order to bounce a “ball” into the play field where it […]

And yet another video. I should be putting this stuff on my Tumblr blog-thing I guess. Scribblenauts is a pretty fun and crazy looking DS game coming out this September. I suspect two copies will quickly make it to this household, as both myself and Angela are really looking forward […]

The best thing about this new trailer? No Marilyn Manson music. I’m cautiously interested once again: Thanks to Giant Bomb for sharing this one.

I think I have the nesting correct in that headline. 🙂 So the saga so far: An anonymous game designer who goes by the handle ‘Wolfshead’ posted a fairly scathing critique of the first 15 minutes of EQ2. Tipa rebutted his post. And Wolfshead rebutted her rebuttal. I was posted […]

Pardon this bit of shameless self-promotion. Randolph at Grinding to Valhalla interviewed me for his One-Shot series of articles. Find out more than you’ve ever wanted to know about Dragonchasers and the geek who writes it! 🙂 One shot: Pete Smith

We haven’t talked about the old Killer-Socializer-Explorer-Achiever thing in a while. Time to drag it out and beat it again… So to start, I would self-categorize myself as almost full on Explorer. Logic: Killer — I don’t like being killed in an MMO. And I assume that other people don’t […]

I resisted posting this whine, and it is a whine, but I just can’t get it out of my head. I got into the Aion beta via a paid-subscription to Fileplanet (and getting into betas is my main reason for being a paid member there). By the end of the […]

These days, with money as tight as it is, I don’t generally buy brand new games. $60 on launch day, $40 a month or so later when it goes on sale? I’ve got plenty of other games to play while I wait for that 33% discount, thank you very much. […]

The news broke yesterday that Sony Online Entertainment laid off 5% of its workforce (41 full time employees). First of all, my heart goes out to these people. I’ve been through it, many of us have, but I’ve never been through it when the job market is as tragically bad […]

So as I mentioned, I’m taking advantage of the 2-week freebie period in Age of Conan. I was so lost when I logged back in that I left Global Chat on, something I rarely do. And for the most part, it was pretty civil. Enough so that I left it […]