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Until 1o minutes ago, I hadn’t given Demigod, the upcoming Gas-Powered Game, a second thought. And then I read this: It was in this climate of despair that a man came to offer his services to the Fathers of Belrond. Fifteen hands across at the shoulders, tall enough to fill […]

Is it just me? Since the dawn of electronic gaming, I’ve been on a quest for better graphics in my games. I don’t think I’ve been alone in this quest. Games have continually improved, graphically speaking, from 4-bit color to 8-bit color and on up to whatever bits we have […]

Today Mythic announced “Call to Arms” which they’re dubbing a “Live Expansion”. Whatever that means. Details here, but what intrigues me most is the new dungeon called Land of the Dead, which is supposed to be similar to the mucho-fun “Darkness Falls” dungeon in DAoC. Sorry so brief, but I’m […]

It’s always interesting to talk about solo mmo players since the concept seems oxymoronic to some, while absolutely normal to others (I fall into the latter category). The oft-heard comment from the former group is “You should just play a single player game.” Last night, I was playing Warhammer. I’d […]

I was thinking about the differences between soloers and raiders, and how some games don’t put enough separation between crafters and adventurers, and I came up with an idea to building systems around these differences.  Thought I’d throw it out for you folks to hack to pieces, and maybe together […]

I really enjoyed Maxis’s Spore…for about a week. But like so many others, I found that the actual gameplay just didn’t have the depth to hold my attention over a long period of time. But now Maxis is readying an expansion pack called Galactic Adventures that, from the video below […]

Escapist did an article on Mount & Blade recently — well worth reading. Thanks to Matt for pointing it out to me. Ardwulf is also playing, so hopefully we’ll see some more thoughts from him on the game.

I *finally* completed Chapter 7 of Valkyria Chronicles tonight. I think it took my 5 or 6 tries all together — with each attempt being separated from the last by a greater number of days (been over a week since my last attempt). If your first instinct is to leave […]

So today I *finally* got around to watching President Obama’s Inauguration Address…on XBox Live. (My company isn’t employee focused enough to have let us watch the proceedings live. And then one thing led to another and here it is almost a week later before I had a chance to watch.) […]

I’ve been playing this kinda neat RPG/Strategy game called Mount & Blade. Really, I haven’t put a lot of time into it (just a few hours) and I wouldn’t normally be “reviewing” a game so early on, but this one is on sale on Steam this weekend for just $7.50 […]