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— December 6th, 2008 Archive —

Cavia Porcellus. The common guinea pig. Lab animals, elementary school class pet. *yawn* I remember smirking as Angela would tell me tales of her pig, Isis. I mean, they’re just large rodents, right? Then I met her and it took about 5 minutes before I was charmed forever. Once Angela […]

Did you know that much-reviled IGE was formed by former child-actor Brock Pierce? I sure didn’t. Wired has a lengthy article on how the company came to be. Get comfortable; this is clearly an article from the print mag moved to the web and it goes on for a while. […]

I stayed up much too late last night finishing Gotrek & Felix: The Second Omnibus by William King. Honestly, I don’t have a real lot to say about it. If you haven’t read any of the Gotrek & Felix books, then you should start with Omnibus 1 (or one of […]

There’s something about Friday nights that make them perfect EQ2 Crafting. I get home, tired and cranky from a long week, but feeling the relief that is a few days away from the salt mines. Crafting in EQ2 is … soothing. But it takes a good amount of time. I […]