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— June 16th, 2008 Archive —

Why is your Wii Slot glowing blue? It’s because the Nintendo Channel has been updated and now lets you rate games, as well as check out how other people (cumulatively) have rated them. You can rate any game you’ve spent at least an hour playing (a bit eerie that my […]

We see articles vaguely along these lines all the time. What’s interesting about this one is that the technology is already up and running on a small scale, and plans are for a commercial plant to be online by 2011…just a couple years out. Scientists find bugs that eat waste […]

Another week, another geeky new technology to get all excited about. Leo Laporte was twittering about SproutCore, which caught my interest and led me to a couple of articles. The actual SproutCore website is throwin an error at the moment so I can’t get to the source, but what I’m […]