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Here’s a quote for you. Richard Bartle speaking out against the “self-righteous politicians and newspaper columnists” who “beat on computer games”: Call them [gamers] social inadequates if you like, but when they have more friends in World of Warcraft than you have in your entire sad little booze-oriented culture of […]

I started reading this post and thought it was pretty cute and funny. Then I kept reading and thought it was pretty darned wise. You might see a bit of yourself in it. Personal Development, Canine-Style – Lifehack.org Me, I’m going to go chew on my foot for a while.

A blog post worth reading, and yeah, I tried to use his advice in that silly post title: how do you compete for attention in the much scarier and larger world of emails, blogs, company memos, webcopy, sales copy, etc.? The answer, my friend is spin. Gone Fishin’: How to […]

I read a piece at Linux.com (Run Windows and Linux without virtualization) about andLinux.org today. It’s an Ubuntu system that is supposed to run alongside of Windows. I’m intrigued, but frankly don’t want to mess with my Windows Vista system (used primarily for gaming) any further than installing programs on […]

Mahalo Daily outdoes itself with this spoof. She don’t take no jive on her hard drive. Waa-oo-waa-oo-waaaaa!

Lots of useful and interesting information about Felis catus: Technorati Tags: funny, video

Warning, incoming rant. I was reading an article at an online magazine today and noticed a glaring and really embarrassing typo where one of the editors had just (inadvertently) dissed his own product. So being a nice guy, I figured I’d point that out to them. Turns out contacting the […]

This lady is my new hero: Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Ride the Subway Alone | The New York Sun My friends and I often spend time talking about what life was like when we were kids; how we’d run around unsupervised and how none of us died, y’know? We […]

Can anyone think of a practical use for this? I’m coming up blank, and it was apparently designed more as a social experiment than anything. Weird though. Avatar Machine – Marc Owens’ wearable simulator of virtual worlds. – Boing Boing TV

For the old-skool gamers among us, here’s a post that’ll take you back: Coding Horror: Rediscovering Arcade Nostalgia I really miss the days of (relatively) easy programming languages. You could make a simple game in Atari Basic pretty easily, and I spent countless hours typing in games from magazines (not […]