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First a reminder. I liked Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass well enough, and really enjoyed the next book, The Subtle Knife. I was excited to see how Pullman would finish things up in The Amber Spyglass, and now I know. And the answer is…he doesn’t. Not really. Imagine The Lord […]

Suddenly this is a food & drink blog. Random. But Wired has a “How-To” on making your own flavored vodka (starting with plain vodka…this isn’t a distilling operation). I’m not a huge vodka drinker but this sounds like fun.

Had a craving for some Honey Dew Donuts iced mocha today, but when I opened my wallet a few moths flew out and that was it. So I took a shot at making my own and it came out ok. Wanted to capture the “recipe” because I have a mind […]

Via Boing Boing…

I don’t often talk about gaming here, but I might start coming back to it since my other site (Jaded’s Pub) is awfully quiet these days. Normally I’m an MMO junkie but every so often I burn out on the endlessness of those games and need to take up something […]

Here’s a neat tool I just read about: Instapaper. The idea is actually pretty simple. You drag a bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. Then when you hit something you want to read but don’t have time for right now, you click this bookmarklet and the url and title to that […]

Anyone remember Jessica Alba in Dark Angel? It was a near-future sci-fi show where she played a genetically enhanced Robin Hood-ish character. Anyway in the show the “Sector Police” used these hovering drones to keep tabs on the populace (and sure, the idea has been used elsewhere). It gave the […]

Just had to share this video. I wonder if the plans for this contraption are online anywhere? (Sorry for the [sometimes] gray teaser frame, but the video does play, and it is safe for anywhere.)

LifeHacker had a post about a new service called BookLamp. The 2 second pitch is that its Pandora for Books. The idea is they scan in books and parse them for various stylistic attributes. Then you tell them a book that you like, and they offer a list of books […]

Another video that has come to my attention via Boing Boing: I’m amazed by this video in two ways. First, the technology. I mean, if you saw a movie with a mechanical pack mule like this, you’d assume it was a special effect. Or at least you would have a […]