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And the binge continues… .hack// Another Birth starts a new storyline in the .Hack universe. This time, it’s the same story told in the .Hack games for the PS2, only told from the point of view of (game) secondary character BlackRose. In PS2 land, the story spanned 4 games, and […]

I just can’t help myself. I can’t eat just one! I’ve got all these serious books on my shelf that need to be read and here I am again, consuming literary junk food. But I’m just hooked on these .Hack Project properties. .Hack// AI Buster 2 is a short story […]

Thanks to Penny Arcade for pointing this out. Chore Wars has to be the geekiest idea I’ve seen in a while. Ok, maybe since yesterday. Here’s how it works (I surmise, personally I’m much too lazy for something like this). You and your fellow house or office mates sign up. […]

Maybe this is old news, but I just became aware of a new reality show. This show, and I’m not going to give it free publicity by mentioning either the name or the network, sets two teams of ‘normal’ people against each other in a competition to solve a murder […]

This one was definitely a guilty pleasure. With all the heavier reading I’ve been doing, I was looking for something light and fast to break up my reading sessions a bit. .Hack// AI Buster 1 by Tatsuya Hamazaki fit the bill nicely. (Amazon incorrectly lists Rei Idumi as one of […]

I’m pleased to announce a new word that I just invented: editoring. Editing, as we all know, means to edit something. But an editor does a lot more than just edit things, right? Editors – in particular magazine editors – manage freelancers, create and maintain editorial calendars, discuss layouts, plan […]

Imagining that extra preparation makes for better writing is like assuming that the more books we read on weight loss, the thinner we’ll become. – The Courage to Write by Ralph Keyes, page 91. Ahem… um. Guilty on both counts. I used to have another blog, primarily for myself, where […]