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My most recent published article. Computerworld edits to present a consistent voice, which means reading it doesn’t really sound like me, but since I haven’t had much to post at the blog lately I figured I might as well mention it. Review: Netgear’s elegant VoIP/land-line hybrid phone I was pretty […]

I’m still working my way through the pile of World Fantasy Con books. Glenn Meganck’s George & The Angels was next up. It’s from Beachfront Publishing which I’m guessing is some kind of vanity press, because this work wasn’t ready for publishing. In fact, it read like a first draft, […]

Hopefully some of the GRT regulars will think to look here… OneWorldHosting offered to move GRT in light of all the problems we’d been having this week. I was told downtime would be 10-15 minutes. So I said “Sure, let’s do it.” That was about 4 hours ago. As of […]

Last night I grabbed another book off the stack that World Fantasy Con had sent me and started reading it. And it was… horrible. Typos, awkward sentences, strange POV shifts. And then I noticed “Advance Reader’s Copy” on the cover, and inside the warning “This is not a finished book. […]

I picked up Daniel Gilbert’s Stumbling on Happiness on a whim a while back. I didn’t even look at it carefully. I think I must’ve been depressed that day and saw this as some kind of self-help book. Which it isn’t. Instead, it’s a kind of “How Things Work” manual […]

Charles Coleman Finlay’s The Prodigal Troll is another title out of that box ‘o books that I got from World Fantasy Con. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover but damn, did Pyr ever do a terrible job on this one. I never would’ve picked this up […]

Well, 2006 is behind us now, thank the gods… I can’t think of anyone for whom 2006 was a really good year. I’m sure they’re out there, but among my small circle of friends it was a year of upheaval at best, and just a bad year at worst. Perhaps […]