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Today a card arrived in the mail, from where I’d been taking Callie: Dear [DC], We are very sorry for your loss of Callie. We understand that Callie was truly a part of your family, and we know that you must miss her very much. We hope that it may […]

I lost a friend today, after about ten days of trying one cure after another. My strange little cat, Callie, who came into my life about two and a half years ago, was put to rest at noon today. I am overwhelmed and startled at how sad I am over […]

All right, I’ll admit to being a bit of an alarmist. But today’s daily Foxtrot announced that the strip is going to be a Sunday-only comic after next Saturday. I’m so bummed. Foxtrot is one of life’s simple pleasures. I’ll really miss my daily dose.

After reading Ellen Kushner’s The Privilege of the Sword I immediately went in search of Swordspoint, the first book she set in The City (thus far she has refused to give the city a name). The volume comes with the novel and 3 bonus short stories set in the same […]

I don’t usually do commentary on news items, but this one really caught my eye. An Associated Press article on CNN ( NYC health board bans trans fats at restaurants) reports that the New York City health board has instituted a ban on the use of trans-fats in restaurants. They […]

I suppose that David Allen’s Getting Thing’s Done is old news by now, but I just got around to reading it cover-to-cover. I’ve picked it up a few times but never before made it to the end. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great book, but it gets a bit […]

A bronze statue of a runner, excavated from the Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum. (Photo by Mark Philbrick, Brigham Young University, courtesy Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples, Italy) Been a while since I covered anything on television, but I caught Out of the Ashes: Recovering the Lost Library of Herculaneum […]

This amazed me. It’s maded out of a couple of metro tickets. Click on the pic to learn how, then go make me one, please. Thank you!