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I turned the final page of The Blood Knight and looked up to see the horizon brightening. I glanced at the clock: 5:00 am. That should tell you all you need to know. Greg Keyes has hit his mark again and in fact these books (The Briar King and The […]

I picked up Enchanted Arms for the XBox 360 today. Put about an hour into it. What follows are my initial ‘gut level’ reactions. Warning: some spoilers for the very early parts of the game: OK here’s my 1 Hour Review of Enchanted Arms. First, let’s get this out of […]

There’s a post over at Terra Nova entitled WoW-nnui where the author discusses his lack of interest in World Of Warcraft after, presumably, playing for quite some time. His main point, admittedly, is to ask what happens to the MMO market as more and more of the 6 million plus […]

If you look at Amazon.com’s Blue Gender page, you’ll see the fans have given this anime series a 5 star rating (based on 12 reviews). I just don’t see it. I’d give Blue Gender perhaps 2 stars and I’d have to be feeling generous when I did it. But let’s […]

Warrior Woman is an interesting read over at Primotech. A young gamer decided to introduce his 53 year old mom to his XBox 360 to try and test Peter Moore’s assertion that “even your mom will be playing games here.” What really makes the article is that the test subject […]

Michael A. Stackpole is a frustrating writer. At least, that was my first thought upon finishing Cartomancy (Book 2 in The Age of Discovery series). I just think he is sometimes too clever for his own good. Like The Secret Atlas this is a complex book with many different plotlines. […]

So, I went away for a month, didn’t I? Time flies… spent a few weeks just totally *lost* in World of Warcraft, living crazy hours at the computer. Coping mechanism? Absolutely. My first unemployment checks are starting to roll in and I’ve got a decent ‘nest egg’ so as long […]

At long last I have finished with The Writer’s Digest Handbook of Short Story Writing and I have to say this is a book that you can safely pass by. The problem, basically, is that it’s an old book. The original copyright is 1970, and the world of fiction, I’ve […]