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— March 2006 Archive —

I just finished listening to the podcast version of Cory Doctorow’s Anda’s Game (and yes, its a deliberate play on Ender’s Game). You can get it at Doctorow’s site or as part of Voices: New Media Fiction at Podiobooks.com. I highly recommend the story, and particularly to gamers. Its all […]

Last night I picked The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Buddhism up off the “TBR” pile and started in on it. And today I realized…I’m not finishing anything! Look at that huge column of books I’m in the middle of reading! Yikes! I need to either toss some of them […]

The title says it all. Google Maps of Mars!

If you’ve ever been a MMO player, watch this. If you haven’t played you definitely won’t get it. But I can’t imagine what went through this person’s mind as he did this, and then later when the reality of what he did struck home.

Friend at work sent me this article on cubicles in the workplace. As a sad little Dilbert clone, I took some small comfort in the fact that the original inventer of the cubicle didn’t mean to make our lives hell…