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— January 2006 Archive —

I’m finally back at it, at least a little. I picked up my novel and started reading it again. I think there’s a story worth fixing in there somewhere. In a way, my procrastination might’ve worked in my favor. Early this month I was working on ‘world building’ and a […]

So things have really been slipping lately… no writing, hardly any reading, and let’s not talk about eating healthy or exercise! I sat down to catch up on the Sunday papers and realized the stack went back to December 4th! I need to find a way to balance these activities […]

I had to work late tonight and so got a late start on the evening. I didn’t read any of my novel, which I’d hoped to do. I did work a bit more on the creation myth, but my heart wasn’t really in it. Not to mention my eyes are […]

Last day of winter vacation for me. It’ll be a bit of a challenge fitting writing time in during the work week. Today I started reading my NaNovel, as per the instructions in No Plot, No Problem. No red pen in hand. Just reading it to see if its worth […]

So today is January 1st. Time for New Year’s Resolutions, fresh starts, and all that jazz. I’ve been a real slug through all of December and I’m feeling guilty as hell, but maybe that guilt can motivate me now. I mean to write a lot this year. And to help […]