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So I was just in the kitchen at work getting a soda from the machine. On one of the break tables is a box of donuts, empty except for a small crust. As I leave I notice there’s a trail of donut crumbs. I follow it, wondering who the pig […]

Tom from Manroom Online pointed out this article on the writer’s version of the Manroom: the shed!

With November 1st quickly drawing near, I’ve been starting to panic about a plot for my NaNoNovel. This morning, something hit me that is, at least, a vague outline of what might be a plot. I need to identify the key character and figure out what the conflicts and change […]

OK, this place has languished for far too long. I keep meaning to get back to it, but feel guilty for owing an email to this person or that person. So I need to make this a priority or else it’ll just sit forever. (OK, so maybe this was prompted […]