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— February 2005 Archive —

Nintendo may introduce next-generation Game Boy in 2005 – Feb. 28, 2005 Nintendo seems to want to put itself out of its misery, launching yet another hardware platform for developers to support.

When the Sous-Chef Is an Inkjet Article about a crazy chef who is making food out of paper, edible menus, and so forth. A fun read.

‘Gonzo’ Godfather Hunter S. Thompson Kills Himself Well this is sad news. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas had quite an impact on me back in my younger days. For a while, Thompson was my (anti?)hero, after a fashion. Just his complete disdain for what anyone else thought about him […]

I spent the weekend sucked into Vendetta Online, a MM-Space Sim. It falls somewhere between EVE-Online and the classic single player game, Elite. You can sign up for a free trial (8 hours of gameplay) and after that it costs $10/month. There’re clients for Windows, Mac OS X and Linus. […]

Battle for Wesnoth is a pretty nice open source, turn-based fantasy strategy game. Yeah, its a little old school, but I’m finding it incredibly addictive. It’ll run on just about any contemporary OS (Windows, OS X, Linux and a slew of others) and its released under the GPL (meaning, its […]

I bought a bread making machine. I love good bread, and I thought for a long time that these machines were a gimmick. But then I tried some, and it was SO good. Bread so yummy that it seems a crime to spread butter or jam on it. I wanted […]

I’m a huge fan of Firefox, the open source web browser that leaves Internet Explorer looking sad and pathetic. So I was thrilled to find this mega-thread filled with lesser-known tips and tricks for using it. An example, contributed by Jim Roberts: If you hold down the CTRL key and […]

O’Reilly was at LinuxWorld and browsing their booth, an odd little volume caught my eye. It was issue 1 of Make. If you are a geek, you need this. It’s just filled from cover to cover with strange little projects. Kind of like what Popular Science was 20 years ago, […]

You know how life throws odd random events at you sometimes. A friend gave me an Ubuntu LiveCD about a week before I was set to go to LinuxWorld. I was only going to LW because it was local and because we do run a few linux servers at work. […]

The New York Times > Technology> Review> Chess Players Give ‘Check’ a New Meaning An interesting read from a little while back.