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— February 2005 Archive —

Nintendo may introduce next-generation Game Boy in 2005 – Feb. 28, 2005 Nintendo seems to want to put itself out of its misery, launching yet another hardware platform for developers to support.

When the Sous-Chef Is an Inkjet Article about a crazy chef who is making food out of paper, edible menus, and so forth. A fun read. 🙂

‘Gonzo’ Godfather Hunter S. Thompson Kills Himself Well this is sad news. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas had quite an impact on me back in my younger days. For a while, Thompson was my (anti?)hero, after a fashion. Just his complete disdain for what anyone else thought about him […]

I spent the weekend sucked into Vendetta Online, a MM-Space Sim. It falls somewhere between EVE-Online and the classic single player game, Elite. You can sign up for a free trial (8 hours of gameplay) and after that it costs $10/month. There’re clients for Windows, Mac OS X and Linus. […]

Battle for Wesnoth is a pretty nice open source, turn-based fantasy strategy game. Yeah, its a little old school, but I’m finding it incredibly addictive. It’ll run on just about any contemporary OS (Windows, OS X, Linux and a slew of others) and its released under the GPL (meaning, its […]

I bought a bread making machine. I love good bread, and I thought for a long time that these machines were a gimmick. But then I tried some, and it was SO good. Bread so yummy that it seems a crime to spread butter or jam on it. I wanted […]

I’m a huge fan of Firefox, the open source web browser that leaves Internet Explorer looking sad and pathetic. So I was thrilled to find this mega-thread filled with lesser-known tips and tricks for using it. An example, contributed by Jim Roberts: If you hold down the CTRL key and […]

O’Reilly was at LinuxWorld and browsing their booth, an odd little volume caught my eye. It was issue 1 of Make. If you are a geek, you need this. It’s just filled from cover to cover with strange little projects. Kind of like what Popular Science was 20 years ago, […]

You know how life throws odd random events at you sometimes. A friend gave me an Ubuntu LiveCD about a week before I was set to go to LinuxWorld. I was only going to LW because it was local and because we do run a few linux servers at work. […]

The New York Times > Technology> Review> Chess Players Give ‘Check’ a New Meaning An interesting read from a little while back.