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EA teams up with ESPN, Madden on the way out? – Jan. 17, 2005 Crazy stuff. First EA grabs the 5 year NFL & NFLPA license, now they snag a 15 year agreement with ESPN! Say goodbye to competition in the sports game genre (pun sortof intended).

Ken Warren’s book was my introduction to Texas Hold’em and I have to say it did the job. I learned the basics from it and was amused for much of it. Of course, Warren didn’t intend to be amusing, no more than Archie Bunker did (had he been a real […]

Today I went into the local EB and put $20 down on a Sony PSP. What I found odd was that I had to kind of convince them to let me do it. They weren’t promoting the system, and the clerk had to really dig around in the system to […]

The countdown is on for Xbox 2 More XBox 2 speculation. Biggest change from what we already new is that backwards compatibility is looking more likely than it was, thanks to Halo 2. We’ll see, though.

Sony eyes March launch of PSP in U.S. and Europe Odd, though, that online sites like EBGames.com and Gamestop.com aren’t taking pre-orders yet. You can pre-order the games, but not the hardware…