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— December 2004 Archive —

So my copy of MechAssault 2 Lone Wolf came with a free XBox Arcade disk. I was curious as to what it was so I popped it in the ‘Box. Basically its a framework to give you an MSN Zone or Shockwave.com kind of experience on the XBox. It comes […]

Bare-breasted teen in video game sues to stop sales Here’s an article on the girl who is now claiming she was 17 when she posed for footage to be shown in “The Guy Game.’ Call me a cynic, but I still think this is Night Trap all over again. The […]

Nintendo to bring music, video to DS game machine Apparently Nintendo is bringing out an adapter for the Gameboy SP and Nintendo DS that will allow them to play MPEG-4 video and MP3 audio files. The media will be on a memory card which is stuck into the adapter. Exactly […]

Is EA/NFL deal a touchdown or fumble for gaming industry? – Dec. 14, 2004 I nice overview of the downside of EA’s getting the exclusive license for NFL and NFLPA. And yes, once again I post the link weeks after the article went online! 🙂

I just finished my second, and probably not last, read through of volume two of Janice Kim’s ‘Learn to play Go’ series. It is, for a neophyte Go player, an excellent read. Her first book had to spend a lot of time on the mechanics of the game, but here […]

This is the first book in what I’m told is one of the better Star Wars series. It takes place after the classic SW movies (Episodes 4-6). The Empire is shattered but still survives, and a new leader is rising to power there. In the meanwhile, the Rebellion, now known […]

What a great film. Max Pomeranc will charm you to death with his portrayel of 7 year old Josh Waitzkin, who reveals an incredible talent for playing chess after watching some speed chess being played in Washington Square park. Laurence Fishburne plays homeless player Vinnie, who takes Josh under his […]

Thanks to Benedict for pointing this out: Giant robots in the backyard First it was privately built spaceships, now one lone inventer is building a mech in his backyard. These are fascinating times!

Thanks to Irata for passing this along. First, read the article in the NY Times about a young hacker that made a “Commodore 64 on a single chip” product and turned it into a plug & play video game system. Then go and buy yourself one!. Neat stuff!

Last night we sat down and watched the new Extended Version of Return of the King. It was incredible. Now, I really enjoyed the theatrical cut, but this version blows it away. Not only are there a few big chunks of new material (most notably a confrontation with Saruman) but […]