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— November 2004 Archive —

Hikaru No Go was my very first manga, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve seen that purists take exception to some details of the translation, but these problems sped past me without ever causing me to look askance. And it was fun to learn to read back to front (from […]

A few posts back I talked about Jennifer Fallon’s The Lion of Senet. Since then, I’ve finished the other two books in the trilogy, The Eye of the Labyrinth and The Lord of Shadows. Ms. Fallon did not disappoint. While Lion had a bit of a slow start, the story […]

musicplasma.com is a funky site that helps you find new music. You enter the name of a favorite band or musician, and then follow links to similar bands and muscians… seems pretty mainstream, though… but still fun to play around with.

For Your Viewing Pleasure, a Projector in Your Pocket What a neat idea…can you imagine a tiny laptop with no actual screen. Instead you project the desktop onto a blank wall… combine that with the ‘optical keyboard’ that was developed for PDA’s and…wow!

Jetpod vision a lift for commuters Meet George Jetson…..

Sony’s PSP for $150 in the U.S.? – Oct. 28, 2004 I normally clip the dates off these headlines, but I’m *so* far behind in email, let alone blogging, that I thought it was important to show that I’m putting up old links. Anyway, some interesting speculation on the PSP […]