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— September 2004 Archive —

Dude! Surfer catches whale of a ride How cool is this? I love that the guy was 60, too.

J-Fan Radio Streaming Japanese tunes. The announcer is pretty abrasive (sorry “m.c.”) but the music is stuff you won’t hear on the radio in the US, that’s for sure.

SpaceShipOne lands after heart-stopping ride I happened to catch the landing on TV. There was no evidence of the rather exciting ascent. In fact, the landing was so un-eventful as to be a bit dull. Which is a good thing, in cases like this! One more flight to win the […]

Sorry no posts in so long. Work has been crazy and, ahem, I do most of my posting from work. 😉 Anyway, looks like Carmack is thinking about dumping games and focusing on space. Such tough decisions this guy has to make, eh? Well, he’s earned it. Nice to see […]

I finished reading Is Your Cat Crazy last night. Its a great book if your cat is going to the bathroom in places other than his kitty litter box, and you are an utter moron. Because basically the book consists of case after case after case of cats with litter […]