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— July 2004 Archive —

Finished Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten this morning. It was a wonderful book; I can’t believe it was her first. I was very skeptical of the whole ‘modern day werewolves’ theme, to be honest, but damned if she didn’t pull it off nicely, telling us a riveting story while giving us glimpses […]

PodWorks OH MY GOD! You folks who have an iPod and more than one Mac, you NEED this software. It allows you to copy songs from your iPod onto your Mac, making syncing two copies of iTunes so much easier. But get ready to spend the big bucks…the developer wants […]

CNN.com – Video game ‘sparked hammer murder’ Here we go again. The old “Videogames turn kids into killers” saw. You knew it was coming when Manhunt was published. And honestly, while I certainly don’t think that this kid went apeshit on his friend because of playing Manhunt, I also don’t […]

Building a Minesweeper-type game in JavaScript This is kind of a neat and fun little project for you geeks out there.

AirPort Express: A bit of ‘geek heaven’, by, well, me! A bit of shameless self-promotion on my part; CW asked me to do a quick hands-on of the Airport Express, so I did!

Tech giants go for the games Interesting piece, but in some ways these guys still don’t get it. “Sharding” is a commonly accepted technology limitation now, he said, but “I’m not so sure consumers are going to be willing to put up with that in the next generation of online […]

PC: Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth Check out the screenshot on the first page and tell me you don’t have any interest in playing this! And in our ‘awkward sentence of the week’ award category, we get: Once you have become accustomed to the way the game […]

CNN.com – Mercury mission set for launch Check back in 2011 for details! 😉

Xbox: Xbox 2 – Everything we know! This is an old-ish (June 29th) article from Gamespy, but I’m a bit behind in my email reading. 🙂

New York Times hacker Adrian Lamo gets home detention I remember seeing this guy on TechTV’s The Screensavers. Then, after the warrant was issued, they did a phone interview with him while he was on the lam, so to speak. Back then the story we heard was different. That Lamo […]