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— June 2004 Archive —

I first saw coverage of this on G4TechTV’s Pulse. Ben, a young boy with leukemia was approached by the Make-A-Wish Foundation and asked what his one wish would be. He decided he wanted to make a videogame. So they set out to look for a game developer that would help […]

Carmina (who is a bona fide fiber nut) sent me this link. She thought the animation was interesting but didn’t listen to the sound. I thought the whole package was pretty whacky and cool: Steriogram | Walkie Talkie Man

So I watched Lilo & Stitch today, and I actually found it somewhat refreshing, for a Disney animated movie. Lilo was a screwed up little kid, and today there are so many screwed up little kids in the world that it was nice, for once, to not see the perfect […]

Last night I started in on Bitten (Women of the Otherworld, Book 1). It was late and I didn’t get much past the prologue but that bit was pretty entertaining. Its about a woman in modern times who is a werewolf. Yeah, back to genre fiction. 😉 Anyway, haven’t read […]

So I finally finished Sea of Glory yesterday. In spite of the fact it took me months to read, I’m still giving it a big thumbs up. I’m mostly a fiction reader and when I have a choice between a novel and a non-fiction volume, I tend to grab the […]

Online gaming addiction: The next legal hotbed Thank goodness I’m not addicted to these games! I can quit any time I want. I just happen to not want to right now… 🙂

From the “Truth is Stranger than Fiction” files: CNN.com – Gene mutation makes tot super strong – Jun 24, 2004

CNN.com – Video game review: ‘Riddick’ redefines Xbox gaming I’m reading so much good press about this that, while I was out getting myself DRIV3R, I picked up Riddick, too!

He made it!!!! CNN.com – Private craft flies into space Happy Solstice, everyone!

Rednova News has a neat article on one of the attempts to claim the X-Prize: RedNova News: First Private Manned Spaceshot Attempt Ready for Liftoff