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— April 2004 Archive —

MSNBC – Video games that get lost in translation Nice article on the differences between Japanese and North American gaming cultures. Thanks to Grebby for sharing the link!

So yeah, I’ve been just ever-so-slightly addicted to World of Warcraft for the past few weeks. I play it at night, I play it before work in the morning, I play it all weekend long… So no posts. In fact I play it so much that I gave up on […]

Veteran game developers look to bring back innovation – Apr. 26, 2004 A quick and interesting article about some of the heavy hitters of game development setting out on their own.

Spring is here (says the calendar…you’d never know from being outside) so its time to start the E3 hype! A sneak peak at Xbox 2 and PS3

Drink to this If you say so, doc!

So much has happened I don’t know where to begin. Should I tell you about joining forces with guild members and taking the fight to the orcs of Redridge in a way most terrifying to behold? Should I tell you about earning enough coin to don my new tabard? About […]