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— February 2004 Archive —

I finished Patrick O’Brian’s Master and Commander last night. This is the second time I’ve read the book; the first was probably 10 or more years ago. But I saw the movie (very good, btw) and just felt like taking a second look. The first time I read it, I […]

Yesterday I vegged out in front of the TV and watched two movies: Apollo 13 and Igby Goes Down. Apollo 13 is a great movie, but everyone knows that by now. What really struck me was how, even though I lived through the events and even though I’ve seen the […]

So I got out of work at 10:30 tonight. I was packing up to go off to a weekend of relaxation at about 6 pm when someone came over and said the site was blowing up. I looked, and sure enough it was. Worse was, I couldn’t connect to the […]

At the risk of proving what you’ve already suspected — that I’m a complete and utter geek-nerd — I have to draw your attention to a Major Error in the “100th Episode” of Angel (the one in which Cordelia returns). And yes, I’m sure this has been pointed out by […]

According to the Jan. 04 issue of Play and confirmed here at IGN, Konami is porting Y’s VI: The Ark of Napishtim to the PS2 for a worldwide release (its currently out for the PC in Japanese). Old-school gamers will remember The Legend of Y’s being one of the ‘system […]

Sony delays launch of PSP Sony has informed publishers, developers and retailers that while it still plans to launch its handheld gaming and entertainment device in Japan this holiday season, the PSP will not hit shelves in North America or Europe until calendar year 2005. More specifically, it should be […]

Universe Today – Astronomers Find a Huge Diamond in Space This is a mostly silly piece; perfect for passing on to the kids or something. But I found the basic idea that the core of a white dwarf becomes a huge crystal to be kind of interesting.

As you can see, we’re in a bit of a transition state just now. Moving to WordPress, the follow-on to the b2 software we had been running (listen to me with the “we” stuff as though there were more than just me here). I think I’ve got all the data […]

Brian Fargo visited G4TV.Com (G4’s weekly gaming ‘talk show’) to talk about his new company, inXile (warning for folks at work: the site makes noise), and more specifically their upcoming remake of The Bard’s Tale. Since I had the ep Tivo’d I thought I’d transcribe a couple of Q&A’s for […]

Reuters has an interesting article up: Microsoft Planning New Xbox Live Features. There’s some talk of server-side data storage, and speculation as to if or how that interacts with the rumors that XBox Next (or whatever the next console ends up being called) won’t have a hard drive. I dunno, […]