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— October 2003 Archive —

Back when Ultima Online first came out, I got absolutely lost in the game. For 6 months or so, real life all but ceased to exist for me. How I didn’t get fired from my job, or dumped by my girlfriend, I still don’t know. I was blissfully, gleefully addicted. […]

A co-worker is…let me say “enthusiastic” about weather and she sends out a weekend weather report every Friday. Today’s held this snippet of info: In other news, a strong geomagnetic storm is expected to hit planet Earth today, “with the potential to affect electrical grids and satellite communications,” Associated Press […]

Gamespy’s Fargo has proposed some ways to prop up the flagging print gaming magazine industry. And in doing so, he’s come up with an idea for a magazine targetted directly at me! “Bitter Gamer.” 🙂 Fargo’s sense of humor runs hot and cold (IMO, of course) but this time he’s […]

Devil Whiskey is an old school RPG, complete with a window into the 3D world and lots of text. 🙂 There’s a demo available, and they’re pushing for an Oct. 31st release date. I d/led the demo but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. Fileplanet says: In […]

IGN has an article speculating on a PS2 price drop to $99. My PS2 is a little wonky, but I’ve been waiting for the rumored “rev 2” with Progressive Scan DVD abilities before replacing it. $99 is hard to believe (as the article states) but we’ll see! Thanks to http://games.slashdot.org/ […]

Gamespy is running an ongoing series on Massively Multiplayer RPGs.. If you’re already an afficionado of these games, you won’t find a lot of new material (though its still an entertaining enough read) but if you’re wondering what this genre is all about, this series is a good place to […]

The New York Times has an interesting article (free registration required) on DARPA’s Grand Challenge. This is a contest to build a vehicle that can autonomously traverse 200 miles of desert at an average speed of 20 mph. No pilot or remote control. The grand price is $1,000,000 US. I’m […]

So for the past few weeks I’ve been saying to myself “I gotta get the blog going again. I need to write up Middlesex and Final Fantasy Tactics and Lord of the Isles and .. etc etc.” And then it feels like I’m too far behind and I’ll never catch […]