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— July 2003 Archive —

So, the lack of posts to this blog are an indication of how strongly Star Wars Galaxies has me in its clutches. So strongly, in fact, that I started wanting to know more about this universe; initially enough to be able to remain in-character when speaking in the game. What […]

Well, I’ve been kicked back yammering in other places making a fool of myself for too long; time to go back to making a fool of myself and yammering here. 🙂 My most recent audio book was Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake. You may remember Atwood from her popular The […]

Star Wars Galaxies still has its hooks in me; I spent most of the weekend playing. Plus, I’ve started reading Star Wars novels (I, Jedi which has thus far been surprisingly entertaining) to get some cultural reference to the worlds I’m traveling. And Knights of the Old Republic comes out […]

Where’ve I been? On Naboo, mostly. Sony release the ultra-hyped Star Wars Galaxies and I bought it, of course. My intent was to heap pile upon pile of derision on it. But I hit a snag. The game absolutely rocks. It’s the most Role-Playing MMRPG since UO. Might even surpass […]

I’ve been an Audible.com listener for a while now…I’ve had fairly good luck with the service, but any good will they’ve build over the months just went down the toilet. The membership gives you 2 books/month on a ‘use them or lose them’ plan. I was falling behind so I […]