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— June 2003 Archive —

I was playing with the demo of Gladius (warning for office workers…there’s music on that site) off a recent XBox magazine cover disk. This is the LucasArts gladiatorial combat game. It’s really very neat. A strange melange of gaming styles. You have rpg aspects in that characters have stats and […]

EVE is a new space-based MOG. On the surface its similar to Westwood’s Earth & Beyond: you have a ship that you fly around in, mining asteroids, fighting NPCs and exploring. But once you get into the game you start to learn that EVE is very different. Basically, it boils […]

In gaming: I finished Brute Force on Sunday. Very entertaining game. Pretty much straight action; no cut scenes to speak of and a very thin storyline. But still fun. Also got back into EverQuest in a semi-serious way. Had a couple of evenings with a good group of friends that […]

USA spills the beans on some of the new scenes we’ll get when the Extended Version of The Two Towers hits the stores this December. Overall, I’m quite pleased. There’s more on Boromir, Faramir and their father, ent draughts for Merrie and Pippin, and some fleshing out of Eowyn’s love […]

Just for the record, I’m still playing, and enjoying, Brute Force on the XBox. I’ve seen a lot of lackluster reviews. Maybe I’m just crazy, but I think its a solid game. Doesn’t push too many envelopes or anything, but its fun to play, and at the end of the […]

Saw a few movies this weekend: About Schmidt, Chocolat, and Bridget Jone’s Diary. About Schmidt is the hardest to talk about. I liked it…I think. In a way, it wasn’t about anything. In another way, it was about life itself. Gak, that sounds idiotic. Basically, Jack Nicholson plays a 66 […]

I’ve been thinking about anime lately, and what makes it so special. And what I’ve decided is this: anime gets away with showing us stuff that live action could never get away with. I was watching the series “Now and Then, Here and There” a while back. The star is […]

I used to be a linux fanboy wannabe, then Mac OS X came along and scratched all the itches that linux was supposed to scratch. But with the aging, not to mention hard disk-filling, of my TiBook I find I don’t “play” with the OS anymore. After going to OSCOM […]

I’d heard about this anime movie for a long time and tonight, I finally watched it. Whew. If you’re someone who thinks that anime is all about giant robots and is just for kids, Grave of the Fireflies will set you straight. It’s the story of a boy and his […]