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— May 2003 Archive —

I’ve got a new guilty pleasure that I want to share with you all. TechTV is not showing “Robot Wars”, which is the original British version of what was copied and aired as BattleBots on Comedy Central in the US. Except…it’s much better! I can put my finger on it, […]

Out now for the XBox, and early thoughts are pretty positive. Not the bar-raising game it was hyped to be, but still pretty darned fun. No XBox Live support though, which is a shame since you can play Co-op locally.


Now that the hype has cooled down a bit, I’m reflecting on E3 and feeling kindof depressed. While there were some very cool games at the show, they were, for the most part, all shooters: Halo 2, Half-Life 2, Doom III, Call of Duty. I can’t recall any really exciting […]

So, Memorial Day Weekend ended up being 3 days of pouring rain. Hooya! Well, on the bright side I had no big plans anyway, and it did give me the chance for some hardcore media viewing. Over the course of the weekend I watched A Beautiful Mind, Donnie Darko, Metropolis […]

Picked up Planetside, the new sci-fi MMFPS from Sony. Early impressions are very favorable. The game looks good, documentation is good (a sore point after the Shadowbane debacle) and it seems like the gameplay is rich enough to have legs. You can play it as a straight-up shooter, or you […]

Well, I rented Enter the Matrix for the XBox yesterday…and returned it today. I really wanted to like it, but between an awkward control system, weird clipping problems, a dodgy camera and a feeling that you’re never really in control of the character you’re playing, it just wasn’t good. I’m […]

OK, E3-03 is over and gone, I’m back from travelling (note to self: next year don’t travel on the weekend after E3) and its time to start sifting through the madness. Being a lazy bloke I’m delighted at how much TV coverage can be found. G4’s Pulse was probably the […]

During my trip this past weekend I finished listening to Anne McCaffrey’s The Dolphins of Pern. The version I heard was narrated by Mark Rolston. Let the slagging begin. I try to review audiobooks in two ways. From a technical point of view, and then from a content point of […]

Another weekend on the road coming up. Bad, bad timing…I should be spending this weekend combing the ‘net reading E3 coverage. Oh well, what’s done is done. At least next weekend is a 3-dayer!

Eek! I could’ve sworn I posted this… Micrsoft followed Sony down to the $179 price point for the XBox. Thus far, Nintendo hasn’t budged. Pretty conservative price drops, but “pretty conservative” seems to be the theme for the big 3 console makers at this year’s E3.