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— April 2003 Archive —

Gamespy got the scoop on the next big MMRPG coming to us from Microsoft. Titled Mythica, it takes place in a Norse inspired world…or afterworld, perhaps. You start the game having just died, and Odin enlists you in his army of immortal heros and… oh hell, just read the lengthy […]

Here’s a laugh. ZDNet actually posted an article based on a survey done by Logitech, makers of cordless mice and keyboards, about desktop cord clutter. I mean, could anything be more self serving for Logitech? Anyway, setting aside the fact that its bad journalism, there are some fun factoids in […]

Just stumbled onto the Rubies of Eventide site. It’s an online RPG now in open beta. There used to be a pay-to-play MUD with the same name, but this one is graphical and from a brief glance, looks good! No clue how it plays, but I mean to find out!

This is old news, but I’m way behind in my gaming reading. At the DICE Summit there was a panel of game developers talking about doing sequels. Check out this excerpt: …the panel was asked how the designers go about building a sequel; if they follow their own vision or […]

Check out this Honda ad. Then go read about how they did it.. It apparently isn’t CGI and it isn’t trick photography.

Anarchy Online got a patch today, re-invigorating the in-game mission system. From the patch notes: The auto-generated mission areas have received a major upgrade in looks and layout, and should now be both more varied, challenging and visually pleasing. New dangers in missions include proximity mines, cameras and gun turrets. […]

I don’t usually bother talking about net virii and worms, but this one is so reprehensible that it bears mentioning. The I-Worm Coronex is being spread in an email with various subject lines referring to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). People are understandably concerned about this disease and so are […]

I’m dividing my “review” of Star Wars: The Clone Wars for the XBox into 2 parts, one covering offline, the other online. Here’s the smack on the offline mode. Rather than rewrite stuff, I’m just going to post a couple of rants I left on an XBox message board. The […]

Finished the audio book version of Ursula Le Guin’s The Farthest Shore today. Another Fantastic Audio production, technologically and aurally it was another fine product. Scott Brick did a fine job with narration, giving characters enough personality to make it clear who was saying what, without falling into the trap […]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars for XBox should be in stores today. Normally this would be No Big Deal since the GC and PS2 versions were fairly lackluster, but the XBox version has XBox Live! support, and all us XBL’ers are so starved for new content that we’d buy a […]