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Another Capcom game (yeah, I just got through watching Pulse’s coverage of Capcom Gaming Day..does it show?). This one is a cel-shaded 2D platformer that looks freakin’ amazing. And, as an added bonus, it has bullet-time!! Gamespy preview IGN preview Gamers.com Viewtiful Joe page

New title headed our way for the Gamecube (initially) from Capcom. Here’s the official marketing gak: P.N.03 is an action game starring a female soldier named Vanessa Z.Schneider, a laser-gun wielding, mech killer with a grudge to settle. A colonial settlement turns into a killing field after a CAMS (Computer […]

How cool is this? I love simple ideas that make life more manageable, even in simple areas like that tangle of cables under your desk: The Cable Turtle.

Last night I finished Dave Duncan’s Lord of the Fire Lands. This is one of his “King’s Blades” books, the first being The Guilded Chain which I told you about last July. Like the first book, Fire Lands is an enjoyable read, though I didn’t like it quite as much. […]

With the leviathan Xenosaga behind me, it was time to press on. I needed something engaging but not too long (after a 60 hour game, it takes me a while to recharge my batteries enough to take on another monster). Eternal Darkness (Gamecube) called to me from the shelf. I’d […]

Well, 58 hours or so since first slipping the disk in, I finished Xenosaga (ok, more like 70 or so hours if you count restarts). It still dumbfounds me that the game is getting so many average reviews. This is easily my third favorite PS2 game so far (1st is […]

Here’s a MMRPG I haven’t played but that has me curious: A Tale in the Desert. While this isn’t the first MMRPG with no combat (I suppose The Sims Online earns that title), it does seem to be the first one with goals and things to do that don’t revolve […]

So it’s after 1 am and I just managed to tear myself away from Galactic Civilizations. Back in the day I was a huge fan of “4X” games but as I grew older I found I didn’t have the patience for them anymore. GalCiv seems to somehow pack in that […]

The hinges screech in annoyance at being disturbed as the door slowly swings open for the first time in months. Dust sifts down from the lintel, motes catching the sunlight that streams in from outside. A cloaked figure shuffles in, stooped with weariness, oblivious to both dust and sunbeams. Flopping […]